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General Orthopaedic Injuries are any injury or condition that may occur to the muscle, joint and nervous system in the body. There are many different types of injuries that can occur from either an acute incident, or a problem that has built up slowly over time. Sometimes the condition seems like it came on all of the sudden, but in reality, poor posture and body mechanics lead to the development of the injury or condition.

A condition or injury that has lasted for longer than 6 weeks is usually termed chronic. Injuries that occur to the spine, including the neck and back can often influence injuries that occur to the peripheral joints (everything else besides the spine), because the nerves that derive from the spine travel to the muscles and joints of the rest of the body. If you have pain and/or discomfort in your ankle or finger, it is possible that the spine is also influencing your problem. A Physiotherapist can assess you, to help determine what the main problem is, and where it may be coming from.

Read more about some common general orthopaedic conditions/injuries that may occur to the body and how Angela Simpson Physiotherapy can help you.


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