How to help your baby recover post c-section

After you have had a c-section, especially if it is an emergency c-section, there are things that you can do to assist with your baby’s recovery from the surgery.  One of the most important things you can do is get him/her examined by a practitioner that specializes in craniosacral treatment (massage and physiotherapists are commonly trained in this), nervous system treatments (osteopaths, and physiotherapists often are trained in this), and/or chiropractic treatments.  The reason for this is that often with emergency c-sections, the baby undergoes a lot of stretching and pulling to allow for the passage of the baby.  If the head is engaged in the vaginal canal, sometimes a suction/ vacuum needs to be used to assist with removal of the baby from the mother’s abdomen.  There are specific techniques that can be done on the head to assist with recovery of any stretch to the bones, and nerves in the head, as well as for nerves and muscles that run further down into the body.  It is important for the baby to come into the world with a balanced nervous system, as it assists with them adjusting to their surroundings outside the womb.   Sometimes a baby that is fussy, and just generally not that well settled can have some issues with the nervous system being overly engaged.  This can be improved on with treatment.   If you need treatment on your newly born baby who has come into the world via c-section, contact Angela Simpson Physiotherapy.  There are treatments available here for not only your baby, but for the mom too.