HPOP- Healthy Pregnancy Outreach Talk in Pemberton by Angela Simpson Aug. 26th!

This talk is for both pregnant and postpartum women.  The discussion will include issues regarding incontinence, rectus diastasis, guidelines for labour/ pushing techniques, and healing from your delivery whether it be a c section or vaginal birth.  Re-strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is discussed… i.e.: how to contract these muscles, and how to check if you are doing the contractions properly.  Exercise guidelines are also given for core and pelvic floor muscle strengthening, as well as return to cardiovascular activity and strength training.  Posture and breastfeeding positions are also discussed.

If you live in Whistler or Pemberton and are having a baby, or have had a baby recently, this is a topic of discussion that should not be missed!

See you on the 26th!!!

Angela Simpson