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Knee Injuries

Given the active population in Pemberton and Whistler, it is not surprising that knee injuries are a very common injury to treat. Knee injuries range from acute conditions, such as an ACL(anterior cruciate ligament) tear, to
chronic knee pain from running, hiking and biking or other activities.

The knee is a very simple joint with its main movements consisting of flexion and extension.  The main joint in the knee is where the femur joins the tibia (lower leg).  There is also a small amount of rotation that can occur at the knee, because the tibia also attaches to the fibula at the top of the lower leg.  This small rotary component of the knee can often be a source of problems with both acute and chronic knee pain.

Knee pain (especially when it slowly comes on), can often come from other areas than the knee itself.  When the back and hip muscles become tight, it may cause alignment issues that travel downward and affect the knee.  Likewise, if there are alignment issues at the foot and ankle, this may affect the alignment upwards towards the knee.  Even acute injuries such as an ACL or MCL ligament tear may be caused by muscle imbalances.  There has been research that documents an increased incidence of ACL injuries when the muscles in the front of the thighs become stronger and/or more dominant than the muscles in the back of the thighs.  When assessing and treating the knee, it is important to look at the body mechanics of the entire body, and how it may be affecting the knee.  Some common injuries/conditions that I see and treat include:


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