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Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain / SIJ Dysfunction

Pain in the low back, pelvis and/or groin and buttocks that may even refer down the legs in the front, back or sides.

May be caused by many different factors including:

  • Posture
  • Faulty movement patterns
  • Muscle imbalances (particularly in the core, spinal muscles, gluteal muscles and other hip and leg muscles)
  • Tension in the hips or mid-back
  • Pregnancy (may be due to hormonal changes causing laxity in the ligaments, and or rectus diastasis that may be putting more strain on your low back and pelvis)
  • Other factors such as surgeries creating adhesions, or chronic conditions that put strain on these areas of the body

How Angela Simpson Physiotherapy can help you:

  • Assess what may be causing your pain
  • Treat the structures or movement patterns that are at fault with a combination of:
  • teach you posture positions that will tend to put less strain on the structures that are causing you pain


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