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Manual Therapy

Although it has many definitions, as it applies to Physiotherapy, manual therapy involves hands on techniques to assess and treat the human body.

How Does it work?

  • It may include hands on techniques to assess and correct body mechanics that are causing pain or dysfunction
  • Hands on techniques for treatment may include release techniques for muscles and/or joints that are tight and restricted
  • It may also include hands on muscle re-education for either muscles that are too tight and toned, but also for muscles/joints that are weak or have excessive movement
  • Hands on cueing for exercise re-training can often give people better awareness of the proper movements to do, than just an explanation of how to do an exercise

What types of conditions can it be used for?

  • Used to treat a variety of conditions
  • Acute pain from injuries can often be treated using hands on techniques to assist with inflammation control if needed
  • Chronic pain from tension or tone/ trigger points in muscles that may be caused from a long term muscle imbalance
  • Stiff joints and muscles post-surgically often benefit from a combination of exercises and hands on manual movement
  • Sport or other injuries can often benefit from manual therapy via hands on cueing to perform specific exercise re-training

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