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Osteoarthritis is a commonly used phrase, as well as DJD (degenerative joint disease), used to describe chronic degeneration or wearing down of the cartilage in between bones. It may commonly occur at the knees, hips, and spine, and hands but can occur in other areas of the body as well. The causes of OA are somewhat unknown, but there is speculation of some of the causes, such as:

  • Muscle imbalances in the spine, hips, knees etc.
  • Injuries to the cartilage itself, or to surrounding structures that cause more pressure or wearing away of the cartilage
  • Injury to tissues surrounding the cartilage (such as an old ACL tear, whether it was repaired surgically or not) that create an imbalance in the way the joint is used, causing overuse in a certain area of the cartilage
  • Chronic muscle tightness / tension that compresses the joint and cartilage
  • May or may not require surgery / joint replacement at some point, depending on the severity

How Angela Simpson Physiotherapy Can Help:

  • Teach the client new movement strategies that put less stress on the structures at fault
  • Release muscles under tension that may be causing both muscle imbalance and alignmentissues related to the structure at fault
  • Educate the client on the condition, and ways to help prevent it from getting worse
  • Provide an exercise program that will strengthen the muscle groups that promote proper alignment, and stretch the muscle groups that may be contributing to the pressure on the joint(s)


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