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Other Orthopaedic Injuries / Conditions

Ankle, Hip, Elbow, Hand, Foot, Knee, and Shoulder Injuries/Conditions

Although injuries or pain in these areas may seem like they need direct treatment, some do, and some do not. For example, an injury to the foot, such as a stress fracture, needs to be treated at the foot itself, but the mechanics of the body movement that lead to the stress fracture will also likely need to be looked at. Often injuries to the peripheral system ( ie. not the spine or core) occur due to muscle imbalances or weaknesses in the center or core of your body. This means that treating just the structure in pain, or at fault will not likely solve the problem over the long term.

How Angela Simpson Physiotherapy can help you:

  • Assess the joints, muscles, nerves, or structures that you believe are at fault, as well as the surrounding structures to determine the cause of the problem
  • Show you re-strengthening exercises for the injured area as well as surrounding areas (often the core) to help re-balance overall body movement and strength

Neck and Back Pain

Neck, mid back, and low back pain are an epidemic in our population, especially in the age of computer/desk jobs, and long commutes to work in a car, bus or train. Pain on or close to the spine can seem like it came on all of the sudden (which it may have if there was a sudden fall or acute injury), but more often that not, it has been building for days, months, or even years. Certain postures and movement patterns will make the body more susceptible to putting stress on the passive structures in the back such as the discs and ligaments. The muscular system will then tend to shorten and tighten due to inactivity or prolonged, sustained postures combined with repetitive movements throughout the day.

How Angela Simpson Physiotherapy can help you:

  • Assess the movement patterns of your trunk as well as your hips to determine what may be causing the pain in your spine
  • Test the length and strength of certain muscles in your back, core, hips, and lower body
  • Teach your body proper posture positions for the types of activities you do throughout your day
  • Show you strengthening exercises for the stabilizer muscles of your trunk and hips if needed
  • Show you and/or perform, release techniques for the short and tight muscles in your trunk or hips if needed, to help restore muscle balance to your entire body, including your neck and back
  • Educate you with hands on techniques and exercises, to help you understand the best way for you to “live” in your own body


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