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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of problems involving the pelvis and its surrounding structures.

What is Your Pelvic Floor?

Pelvic Floor includes the muscles, fascia, viscera and ligaments and boney pelvis that function to:

  • Help stabilize your low back and pelvis
  • Hold up the contents of your abdominal and pelvic viscera/organs, including your bladder, rectum, uterus (in females), and prostate (in men)
  • Act as a shock absorption to stress and strain from activities such as heavy lifting, running, and prolonged posture activities such as holding a baby
  • Provide bowel/ bladder and sexual function when working properly

Types of Conditions treated:

How Angela Simpson Physiotherapy can help you with any of these above conditions:

  • Take a thorough history and do an external and possibly internal exam to determine the problem and the possible cause of the problem
  • Educate you about your condition and what may be causing your condition
  • Teach you how to either contract and/or relax your pelvic floor properly ( up to 70% of people think they are contracting there pelvic floor properly, when really they are not!)
  • Assess your core strength, to determine if that is contributing to your problem
  • Teach you how to time the contractions of your pelvic floor muscles with your core for proper coordination and function of release of your bowels and bladder if needed
  • Teach you proper breathing and release techniques for muscles that may be contracting inappropriately, and contributing to your condition
  • Teach you proper voiding techniques if needed
  • Provide a home exercise program to help you with your condition

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