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Physiotherapy for General Orthopaedic Conditions:

  • consists of treatment for injuries that occur anywhere in the body, including anything from back/neck pain, to hip, ankle, elbow, hand, foot, knee, and shoulder injuries
  • includes an assessment and treatment of your condition, including hands on manual therapy, acupuncture if needed, education, and exercises
  • several general orthopaedic conditions are commonly seen and treated at Angela Simpson Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries:

  • includes treatment for injuries to any part of the body that occurred during amateur/professional sports, or recreational activity
  • these types of injuries may be acute and caused due to trauma or a specific event, or they may be due to overuse of certain areas of the body over time
  •  the service includes detailed history of your current and past sports background
  • includes very specific assessment of the types of movements you do during your sport
  • includes an assessment of your current movement patterns, and how they may be need to be modified to allow you to be more efficient and pain free with your sport
  • treatment can include activity modifications to your sport over the short term, and re-training specific movement patterns to help you with your sport over both the short and long term
  • treatment may also include hands on manual therapyacupuncture/  and specific exercise re-training, individualized to you and your body


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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy:

  • a specialty of physiotherapy that includes treatment of any injury or condition involving the pelvis, and its surrounding structures
  • it may include both internal (vaginal) and external assessment and treatment techniques
  • treatment consists of education about the condition, as well as different possible ways of treating the condition
  • may include hands on manual therapy, specific exercises, and behavioral modifications
  • read more about the pelvic floor conditions that are treated with pelvic floor physiotherapy and how it may help you


  • a service that involves inserting small needles into the skin to create a therapeutic effect
  • the therapeutic effect may range from being mood enhancing to blocking pain signals in the brain, thus decreasing the feeling of pain
  • can be used to treat a variety of injuries and conditions
  • read more about how acupuncture may help you, and the types of conditions it can be used for

Acupuncture Dry Needling:

  • a service that involves the insertion of acupuncture needles into the skin/ muscles
  • is used to release trigger points in the muscle
  • acupuncture dry needling has a different theory than regular acupuncture

Manual Therapy:

  • involves hands on techniques for assessment and treatment of many musculoskeletal (meaning it involves the muscles and the skeleton) injuries/ conditions
  • manual therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions