Time to get ready for Ski Season in Pemberton BC

It is the time of year when people in Pemberton BC start to look in their closets and dust off the skis or snowboards and decide if they will withstand another season of use.  If so, a tune up is inevitable, to get ready for the season ahead.  It is also time to start thinking of a tune up on the body!  There are many things that can be done to get in shape for the ski season.

Some of the best exercises for getting ready for skiing include the more traditional types of exercise such as squats, lunges, biking/ spinning, and hiking/ running up hills to get the gluteal muscles in shape.

There are also some really great modifications to the traditional exercises to train the “fine-tuning muscles”… the ones that allow us to steer quickly away from that tree that is coming at us, or to dodge that big mogul or bump up ahead, or to dodge that beginner skier who takes a sudden turn in an unsuspecting direction!


These include jumping up and down onto a BOSU ball, a wobble board, with one or two legs in multiple directions, or performing squats and lunges on sissle discs or something else that moves and slides underneath your feet.  There are drills such as moving “around the clock into a deep lunge or squat on these uneven devices…. and if you have a partner or friend to train with, you may want to through in a medicine ball toss back and forth at the same time.  All of these unsuspecting movements force the body to use it “proprioceptive abilities” to control movement.  Proprioception is the ability to sense and be aware of the movements within your own body.  It is what allows us to react quickly to unsuspecting events.  This ability is found naturally within our bodies, but it can also be trained/ fine tuned.  This type of training, combined with some more traditional type muscle training is the key to getting fit for ski season.

A Physiotherapist is able to administer this type of exercise program.  A Physiotherapist will also assess your overall alignment and movement patterns, as well as your strength to determine what type of training program will work best for you.

Angela Simpson Physiotherapy, located in Pemberton BC, is always happy to assist people with correcting there movement patterns to allow for optimal function, for whatever type of movement they are hoping to do…….  Appointments can be booked online at www.angelasimpsonphysio.ca

Happy training for the ski season!!!