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Visceral Treatment

The viscera is the organs…And to treat the organs, is to treat the ligament and fascial attachment points of organs to the boney structure of the body. For example, the stomach attaches onto the rib cage and the spine. The colon attaches onto the pelvis, the rib cage, and the spine. The bladder and uterus attach onto the pelvis and the sacrum. Treatment to the organs can be done for various reasons. It can be done to help relieve pain and or/ tension in muscles the surround the organs. It can be done to relieve symptoms in the organs themselves…such as heartburn, constipation, bladder urgency/ incontinence. It can be done to correct uterus malalignment that can cause fertility issues, premenstral discomfort, endometriosis and other issues. Visceral treatment can help to balance out the muscular, organ, and nervous system of the entire body…To bring back normalcy/homeostasis after an injury. Commonly the viscera need to be treated after a traumatic event, whether it be a sports injury, or a motor vehicle accident.  Please consult with Angela Simpson about this type of treatment.  It is very useful, when used in conjunction with other treatment techniques.


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