Pemberton • Whistler
Sports Injuries • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy • Dry Needling • Acupuncture • Visceral Therapy

What To Expect

Initial Visit

  • Appropriate Clothing ( shorts, and/or tank top)
  • Appropriate time for booking
  • 45 to 60 min for regular physio assessment and treatment
  • 60 min for pelvic floor assessment and treatment

Intake Forms

  • To download and print an intake form click here
  • To download and print pelvic floor intake forms, click here (you need to fill out both forms if this is a pelvic floor assessment and treatment
  • To download and print an intake form for female pelvic floor physiotherapy click here
  • To download and print an intake form for male pelvic floor physiotherapy click here
  • If not bringing intake form (s) filled out to initial visit, please come 10 minutes in advance to fill out forms prior to assessment and treatment

Follow-Up Visits

  • Appropriate time for follow up visits
  • 60 min. for all treatments, both initial assessment and follow up is given
  • 60 min or 45 min for pelvic floor physio visits

**There are sometimes shorter follow up visits available for either 30-45 minutes.  The therapist can determine if this is appropriate or not.  These time slots are not available for online booking.

Billing Procedures

Cheque or cash is the method of payment (see online booking for rates)

  • Extended Health Plans – all receipts are able to be sent in to the client’s individual insurance and claimed for the amount that the individual’s plan allows for
  • Work Safe and/or ICBC claims – there is no direct billing for either of these types of claims, however, the client can pay, and submit his or her receipts for re-imbursement

Doctors Referrals

Not necessary, access to physiotherapy is direct

  • If the client has a referral from a Doctor, it is recommended that they bring it to their initial visit