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Sports Injuries • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy • Dry Needling • Acupuncture • Visceral Therapy

What To Expect

Initial Visit

  • Appropriate Clothing ( shorts, and/or tank top)
  • Appropriate time for booking
  • 45 to 60 min for regular physio assessment and treatment
  • 60 min for pelvic floor assessment and treatment

Intake Forms

  • To download and print an intake form click here
  • To download and print pelvic floor intake forms, click here (you need to fill out both forms if this is a pelvic floor assessment and treatment
  • To download and print an intake form for female pelvic floor physiotherapy click here
  • To download and print an intake form for male pelvic floor physiotherapy click here
  • If not bringing intake form (s) filled out to initial visit, please come 10 minutes in advance to fill out forms prior to assessment and treatment

Follow-Up Visits

  • Appropriate time for follow up visits
  • 60 min. for all treatments, both initial assessment and follow up is given
  • 60 min or 45 min for pelvic floor physio visits

**There are sometimes shorter follow up visits available for either 30-45 minutes.  The therapist can determine if this is appropriate or not.  These time slots are not available for online booking.

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Phone: (+1) 604-388-4066
Fax: 1-888-372-3623
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Phone: (+1) 604-388-4066

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Billing Procedures

Cheque or cash is the method of payment (see online booking for rates)

  • Extended Health Plans – all receipts are able to be sent in to the client’s individual insurance and claimed for the amount that the individual’s plan allows for
  • Work Safe and/or ICBC claims – there is no direct billing for either of these types of claims, however, the client can pay, and submit his or her receipts for re-imbursement

Doctors Referrals

Not necessary, access to physiotherapy is direct

  • If the client has a referral from a Doctor, it is recommended that they bring it to their initial visit